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Clip on Car Diffusers

Clip on Car Diffusers

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Our premium clip on Car Diffusers are a great, classy way to scent your car. These elegant glass and timber bottles will fit in any cars air vent, with the clip option to position two ways.

Air vent clip-ons are simple, yet very effective. We fill them with premium grade diffuser base and fragrance oils. As the air passes over and through the clip on, it draws molecules from the liquid up and out of the device. The amount of time these last depends on how frequently they are exposed to moving air from the vents. NOTE: warm air causes them to get used up much faster.

One pack contains a filled 10ml glass bottle, safety screw cap, fibre reed and ornate timber cover.  All encased in a decorative PVC pillow box.

Full instructions for set up are on the back of box.

Safety: Do not allow any fragrance product to come into contact with plastic, timber or leather as there may be a reaction and permanent damage.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not ingest.

Wash hands immediately after set up.



French Pear:
Orange, Cinnamon. Middle Notes: Clove, Green Pear. Base Notes: Coconut, Vanilla

Black Rose & Oud:
Rose, Geranium, Saffron, Pepper. Middle notes: Rose, Clove Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Palmrosa. Base Notes: Oud Wood, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla

Lemongrass & Persian Lime:
Lime zest, Lemon Peel. Middle Notes: Lemongrass, Jasmine. Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Rosewood




8 x 3 x 14cms

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